Gavin interviewed on MyBusinessPodcast

Gavin interviewed on MyBusinessPodcast

This blog is a little different and focused on Gavin being interviewed on MyBusinessPodcast.

In this video podcast, Gavin describes how Buyers Agents / Buyers Advocates work. He also lists a number of ways using a buyer’s Agent can save you money and a lot of stress. Not just during the buying process but also a long time after your have purchased the property.

One of the reasons to use Gavin as a Buyers Agent is his intimate knowledge of the building industry. Being able quickly identify potential threats to a property. Because of his 30+ years in real estate on the Gold Coast, he understands, movements, trends, markets, specifics regarding property pricing and variations and how easily it could be to misread these important factors when purchasing property.

Gavin outlines his specific buying process which he has put together personally after more than 30 years in real estate on the Gold Coast. Experience in both residential and commercial real estate, building, renovating, buying, and selling. If you’re looking to buy property either commercial or residential, you will really want to see this interview.

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