What is a buyers Advocate?

What is a buyers Advocate?

A buyer’s advocate is someone who’s working solely for you in your best interest to secure the right property for you. When I go through with a client, the steps of how we achieve this, the first step would be for me to have a full understanding of the client’s specifications and the lifestyle that they want to lead. That’ll come down to the size of the home, how many bedrooms, how large the block of land will be, the proximity to facilities that they enjoy, whether it be golf courses, shopping centres, beaches, parks to walk the dog. All these things are personal things that people will need to have right, for them to fully enjoy the property.

The next step of the process is to get out there and find the property. We, obviously keep tabs of what’s on the market, but the other things we do is we have great relationships with real estate agents and we get the early word, if you like, on properties that are about to come to market.

Agents will tell us about properties that they know will be sold that’s currently off market. You know, where they know the vendor would sell, if we were to present an offer. So we get, the inside, if you like, on those kind of properties.

After that, we will go through all the, evaluation process to make sure that the properties are, sound, they don’t have, inherent building problems that need to be addressed. Also we check zonings, and we obviously check from a price point of view and come up with our opinion of what we think fair market price will be. The next step after that is to,prioritise which building, which homes, or properties you’re after, and put them in an order of negotiations.

So we’ll try to secure the favoured property and the best possible price. Or we might pursue a couple of different properties and see, if one property can be bought substantially less, maybe that’s the one to go for.

That’s what we do. We are there to help the, the buyer find the right property, make sure they’re not, paying too much for their property. Make sure they’re buying the right property. We take all the stress and, confusion out of it, for the buyers.

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