Why You Need a Trusted Adviser When Purchasing Property

Why You Need a Trusted Adviser When Purchasing Property


If you think you’ve found the perfect property, wouldn’t it be great to have somebody you could trust that would look at the property analytically and ensure that it stacks up in all the different ways that perhaps you hadn’t even thought of. 

For example, what have other properties around the area sold for? 

What could you do with the property? 

Is there potential to increase its value or, or transform it in other ways that you hadn’t explored or maybe even didn’t know existed? 

If it’s going to auction. Are you confident that you can bid successfully to get the property? And when I say bid successfully, there are a lot of different strategies that go into bidding at auction. 

Let’s talk about auctions

Most people find an auction a very daunting situation to be in. Personally, I’ve bought many homes at auctions. I’ve sold many homes at auctions, and I’ve worked in real estate and run auction campaigns. 

I understand all the little tricks of the trade, in terms of how agents create an environment that encourage people to act emotionally and not rationally at the auction. 

As your representative at an auction, I’ll know where to stand in the room, what to wear, when to bid, how much to bid, and I can read the room and read the way the auction’s going. 

My goal is to get the property for you at the cheapest possible price and take all the stress out of the process for you.

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